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We Continuously strive to achieve more.

Perfect Packaging was established in 1997 as a trading company based in Singapore. In 2005, we began to invest in manufacturing facilities in Asia region.

Over the years, we have developed into a company that specialises in customising and conceptualising design for our customers on plastic products.

Perfect has been working proactively with numerous suppliers and customers to optimise on their production capacity and enhanced the quality consistency so as to fulfil market expectations and adapt to our fast changing environment.

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Our Products


Customised Industrial Plastic Products

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Food & Catering

Customised Food Industries Products

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Retail & E-commerce Packaging

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Beauty Products

Beauty Tools used with Beauty Products

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Our Services


Warehousing &

We provide storage space for electronic components, non-perishable items, general equipments and other general products. Our services include packing, palletisation, forklift handling.


Value Added Services

We operates a range of services to pack, prepare and customize your products for different markets.


Co-packing Service

Contract packing involves the integration of outsourced packing operations into distribution centers, to increase flexibility and streamline fulfillment. This reduces cost, enhances product visibility and control, and increases speed-to-market.


Packaging Design

We offer additional packing solutions, including packaging design and packaging materials procurement. We have extensive capability to design and procure the right packaging for your products, as well as offering environmentally friendly packaging.

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