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We dedicate ourselves to explore new solutions for our customers and meet their manufacturing needs.


In Industrial products, we focuses on process optimisation to match our customer's stringent requirements.

The experiences that we have while workinng with various prestige engineering firms have allow us to futher enchance our knowledge in our field.

By participating inn early stages of concept planning with our customers, we are able to customise products that meet closely to their cost and quality requirements.

Food Industries

We had developed a wide range of packaging from conventional confectionary to unique customised trays to suit customer's needs.

To ensure that our food packaging products are safe for food storage, we send our packaging for external laboratories tests on a regular basis.

Visit out affiliated site Benxon for our generic range of food & catering plastic packaging.

Food Packaging Customisation

For customers looking for food packaging beyond our generic range.

We provide customisation for our customer’s packaging needs. With our in-house design team and 20 years of experience, we design products for our customers while adhering closely to their cost and quality requirements.

We strive to create the best customised product for our customers and build trust between industry leading food manufacturers and retailers.

Retail &

We explore into developing and product different world of packaging ideas.

Tin Packaging

The benefits of tin packaging are its durability, high quality, recyclable nature and its ability to customised into unlimited shapes and sizes.

Retail Carriers

Retail carriers completes the whole packaging experience for the customer’s products. With the our extensive overseas network and technology we are able to come up with the most optimal combination.

Retail carries includes:
Die cut bag, soft loop bbag, singlet bag, PP bag annd Non-woven bag.


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